observations on oz

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi Every journey begins with one small step. In this case, it began with one very long flight. Fifteen and a half hours from LAX to Sydney. (I think I slept for part of it but that’s still up for debate). I’ve had a few weeks back in my real life to process everything … Continue reading observations on oz

songs from the big chair

Say that you’ll never, never, never, need it One headline, why believe it? Everybody wants to rule the world. Life has a soundtrack. Mine does at least. Moments, time periods, adventures, vacations… even moments of great happiness and deep hurt. I find that a song coming on the Pandora or one of my playlists can trigger memories and emotions. I think, too, that most people have … Continue reading songs from the big chair

holding the reservation

I was in the gate area waiting  to board a flight from Tampa to Dallas in late February. The Tampa airport, like so many airports, has the absolute worst acoustics. Background music, crowd noise and competing announcements from several gates all echo and mingle together into audio chaos. This made it near impossible to hear the assortment of “more-special-than-me” groups being called out by the gate agent. … Continue reading holding the reservation

we’re all special to someone

I’ve worked in and around marketing long enough that I understand the fundamental logic behind loyalty and reward programs. There is so much competition in most markets and with most commodities that rewarding people for sticking by you is critical. People like to be rewarded and feel they are part of a bigger tribe. People are also fickle. They’re loyalty can be bought with color coding … Continue reading we’re all special to someone